Chairman's Message
It is indeed a privilege in addressing you. Yet another year has passed and we have crossed some more milestones. At every step we had the support and motivation provided by the confident and committed members. Today, Lord Buddha Ashram Vidhya & Charitable Trust is growing from the strength to strength with ethical professional practices. In all these years of experience, I learnt one very simple yet very significant lesson. The need of the society is like an ocean and the service we render are mere drops. So I am now determined to add as many drops as I can and say to myself with contentment, I tried my best.

Today, my vision is set on raising the stature of "Lord Buddha Ashram Vidhya & Charitable Trust", by establishing Educational, Medical, Small & Medium Scale Industries in the state and country. The task is arduous and the path grueling but I have two things going for me.

We are right now working on the development of Education, Medical, Livelihood, small scale industries. We are also developing & forming the Farmer's Club and Joint Livelihood Group and are successful running the projects. We are also in the working in the field of Environment by doing plantation, selection of "BIRKSHA MITRA" for the shelter of Plant for long time.

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J N Maurya
Lord Buddha Ashram Vidhya & Charitable Trust, Mau