Lord Buddha Ashram Vidhya & Charitable Trust
Lord Buddha Ashram Vidhya & Charitable Trust, Mau is a Voluntary Organization registered on dated 24th March 2011 with Registration Number 12/2011, was founded in 2011 by a group of committed and enthusiastic experts of the area mainly concerned with extending and integrating the socio-economic development campaign.

The Trust was founded by Mr J N Maurya, presently heading the responsibility of Chairperson. He is taking interest in other social issues and working for marginalized, poor people, empowerment of women & Youth and social mapping etc., the organization felt that only integrated development can change the ugly picture of the society. Since then it had been a long story of active intervention in social issues. Mr J N Maurya is the current Chairperson and is an active social entrepreneur. Trust is flourishing and gaining the depth under her due guidance.

The structure of the Trust is based upon the democratic values. It's a two tire structure. The Governing or Executive Council elected every three years comprising of people of high repute from different walks, is the main policy or decision taking body, and the second the group of general members or counselors.